How we see ourselves

A unique blend of achieving success with world-leading sports and brands built on challenge, insight and ‘coal face’ craft.

Creating the purpose and positioning for your team or organisation whilst providing the reason and means for people to connect with you.

Working with you to articulate, build and deliver environments and interventions that enable and develop individuals and teams to perform to their potential.

Is king. And queen. We build and deliver messages that make the difference in the mediums that matter most to your audience.

How we’re seen by others

“I work with sports people to change their mindset, improve the relevance of training and fulfil their potential to become the best in the world. That’s what I do.

Dair have a unique combination of understanding, intuition and capability to create the ideal brand, structures and deliverables required by a high performance environment. That’s what they do.”

Dr Dave Alred MBE PHD, Elite Performance Coach
“Dair’s grasp of the needs of a high performing environment, particularly in the context of coaching, has contributed significantly to a number of initiatives and programmes within England Cricket’s Elite Coach Development Programme. All of which are key in maintaining our position as the benchmark for world cricket in coach development.”
Gordon Lord, Head of Elite Coach Development, England & Wales Cricket Board
“Dair have been pivotal in the creation and implementation of our elite brand, which has changed how we operate, behave and interact. Their expertise of ‘elite’ has been crucial in ensuring that we sustain our position as world leading.

During this time, Dair have been our key partner and they have been instrumental in the design and delivery of a range of performance based programmes and initiatives.”

Dr Keir Worth, CEO, England Squash
One of the core strengths of the Lions brand are the tales that the brand provokes. However, this strength had also become a weakness as every sports follower had their own interpretation of what the Lions meant to them.

“Undertaking one of the most important projects in our history Dair have been invaluable partners. Their efforts and achievements in helping us define and articulate the Lions brand, from its essence to application, has made them a key partner as we seek to further expand the impact and influence of the Lions in world sport.”

Charlie McEwan, COO, The British & Irish Lions
“Dair have a rare ability to create content that has the power to effect meaningful change – blending their insight of the coaching and performance environment with outstanding production, whilst respecting my values.”
David Priestly, Head of Psychology and Personal Development, Arsenal FC

How we want to be seen